$1,997.00 USD

The Custom Coaching Business Blueprint

The Custom Coaching Business Blueprint

Your Personalized Blueprint for Coaching Success

Unlock Your Coaching Potential with a Tailored Action Plan

What You'll Receive:

  1. Tailored Consulting Session (90-120 minutes): Begin with an in-depth consultation to align with your unique vision and goals for your coaching business.

  2. Customized Blueprint Creation: Utilizing our extensive experience in coaching business development and cutting-edge AI tools, we craft a playbook that's uniquely yours.

  3. Strategic Action Plan: Receive a prioritized "order of attack" to guide your steps, ensuring you focus on what's most important for your growth.

  4. 30 Days of Support: Benefit from a month of text/email support to clarify any doubts and fine-tune your strategy.

  5. Exclusive Access to Additional Consulting: As a playbook client, enjoy special rates on further consulting and support, providing you the tools and insights to successfully launch and grow your coaching practice.

Why Choose The Custom Coaching Business Blueprint?

  • Tailored to Your Business: Every coaching practice is unique. Your playbook is crafted to reflect your specific niche, style, and goals.

  • Expert Insights & AI Precision: Benefit from a blend of professional expertise and AI-driven analysis for comprehensive, data-backed strategies.

  • Actionable and Clear: Move beyond overwhelming theories. Get a clear, actionable plan that’s easy to implement.

  • Ongoing Support: With 30 days of follow-up support, you’re never alone on your journey to success.

  • Accelerate Your Growth: Reduce the trial-and-error phase. Fast-track your business development with informed, strategic actions.

Ready to Transform Your Coaching Business?

Invest in Your Success: The Custom Coaching Business Blueprint