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A.I. Coach Collective

Introducing The A.I. Coach Collective

Calling advanced coaches!  Ready to unlock the transformative power of A.I. but drowning in its ever-changing tools? Join our elite community of driven individuals and get expert coaching, actionable strategies, and proven tactics to harness A.I. in your coaching business. Stop chasing trends and tools and start mastering A.I. today. 

  • Innovative and Tailored AI Tools: Discover AI solutions specifically chosen for their relevance and impact to YOU, as a coach.  Every tool and resource we offer is designed to enhance your coaching effectiveness and efficiency, based on what we have researched and implemented, and on what you ask for.  You won’t find this elsewhere.
  • Empowering Community:  All the coaches who join our community are committed to learning and leveraging A.I.  Learn from all our members real-life case studies and shared ideas to inspire you and solve problems you have now.  Let us hotseat you to build something faster together.
  • An Experiential Growth Environment:  We like making our sessions fun and interactive and leveraging the collective intelligence. Spark new ideas, gain fresh perspectives, and experience the synergy of collaborative learning and innovation, and ENJOY yourself as you have fun putting A.I. into practical use fast. 
  • Real-world Applications: Move beyond theory with practical, actionable strategies. We don't just tell you what AI can do; we help you integrate it into your coaching practice for maximum impact.
  • Adaptive Learning Platform: Benefit from our learning hub that evolves with your needs, offering an ever-expanding repository of knowledge and responsive support tailored to your growth journey. PLUS, we’ll personally help you set up your own A.I.-enabled learning content hub with a chatbot clone of your own.

For Our Members:

  • Exclusive Monthly Training: Engage in cutting-edge and high-leverage use cases for A.I. in your coaching business, with special trainings included every month, each designed to be immediately implementable in your practice.
  • Comprehensive Resource Library with A.I. Chat Bot: Access our growing collection of past sessions, tools, and techniques, ensuring your learning journey continues seamlessly… and ask any questions to find direct references to our training that you can immediately watch.
  • Dynamic Interactive and Responsive Community Platform: Connect and brainstorm with fellow coaches in our interactive WhatsApp group, fostering constant idea exchange and FAST responses from humans too.
  • Personalized Support: Have your questions answered and receive guidance from the Group Coach Magic team… your partners in AI integration.  Plus, any special bonuses related to A.I.
  • Other surprises...?!

Be Part of the pioneering AI Coach Collective!


Our Founders Special sold out in 2 hours!  We are now still offering a launch special for early adopters of $100 off our membership for a limited time.

 One day, you’ll say, "I was there when the AI revolution in coaching began." Your future self and clients will thank you for making this pivotal decision.