Are you Group Coaching with a SYSTEM yet? Get one here...

If you want a surefire system for coaching your group, we are kicking off our next cohort of the Surefire Group Coaching System in just 7 days.

Here's the gist of what people have told us about Group Coach Magic programs and techniques...

  • This program saved my life and career
  • I was able to 4X my effective hourly rate by moving individuals confidently into a group and applying what I learned, and charging the same price for each person
  • This has been far more valuable than a $30,000 mastermind that I purchased
  • This program is exactly what coaches need for the new relational and experiential world that we need to live in
  • Using Group Coach Magic techniques had such a powerful effect that if I continue to do so, I know that renewals will be higher at the end of the year because it’s a better experience


In 7 days, we begin our FOUNDATIONAL program, called The SureFire Group Coaching System.


 Some of the outcomes we promise for the program:

  • Designing and running your group sessions and live events will become much easier, and you’ll feel a lot less pressure leading them
  • You’ll learn our proven system for leading group coaching sessions that will give you the confidence to lead no matter what coaching framework you are using.
  • You’ll know how to create a real community with shared values and culture that will virtually assure all members get the progress they want and improve retention.
  • You’ll experience and learn frameworks, techniques, and principles that will upgrade the group coaching activities and experiences that you lead 
  • You’ll be able to take action on what you learn FAST in leading your very next group session!  Experience the learning today, and be able to apply it tomorrow, without a steep learning curve.
  • You’ll stop feeling like you have to build a business on your own, with support from expert coaches just like yourself.
  • You’ll walk away with a new or improved design for a powerful LIVE masterclass or workshop of your own design, based on what you learn, and we will expect you to use it right away to fill your own group coaching program.


Really interested but want to talk first?  Book a short call here, to talk to us now, before time runs out.  Or opt-in to learn more, and you can reply to our emails anytime.


Sending you Virtual Hugs,

Rob & Daniel

PS Ready to make the investment in your own group coaching right now? Purchase the program here.  If we're not currently running it, you'll at least get the recordings to get started.

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