Can anything be done about the craziness in the world?


Many people are experiencing the world as a bit of a crazy place these days.  Whether it's a pandemic, political unrest or anything else, people are struggling to show up as who they're capable of being in any given moment.

That's why we need YOU.  You're a coach!  You're helping people to show up better in some way, to be able to flourish more.  And you can start with just one person, or multiple people in a group.  When you can help just one or a few people to improve, you literally change the world.

We genuinely thank you and love you for being a coach, because you have the heart of making a difference for other people.

And I want to challenge you to think bigger about your impact... specifically with groups.  Carolyn, a member of our SureFire Group Coaching System program has multiple coaching certifications and is growing her own groups, so she can make that difference for others.

You can hear her explain it in this video we've posted for our blog to inspire coaches like you.

If you feel that desire to build groups to help more and more people learn, take action, and make that difference to the craziness they experience, in a leveraged way, then you're just Carolyn, and perhaps you should consider joining our community, or our SureFire Group Coaching System program

Either way, just remember that if you coach 1 person to be better you'll certainly make a difference.  And if you coach many people to be better at once, you'll make an exponentially greater difference, if you do it well.... more is possible with Group Coaching!

We'd love to keep supporting you in that.

Sending you Virtual Hugs,

Rob & Daniel

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