Has the world of coaching changed forever and we didn't even notice?

Photo by Irina Iriser on Unsplash

We just completed our first cohort of Group Coaching Magic and one of the members shared something profound-  The New World of coaching is relational.

I’m not sure I even noticed how dramatically the pandemic, and the isolation and the separation it caused accelerated a trend that was already happening.
The old world of coaching was based on expertise and knowledge.  I immersed myself in LEARNING, thinking all that knowledge would make me more valuable to my clients. My job was to transfer all that great knowledge to the clients.
But information is everywhere now- At the push of a button and a few keyword searches.  In fact, there’s often too much information and it sometimes feels like it’s overwhelming our ability to take it all in!
Clients are asking for a community, where they can feel safe, seen, heard… in which they can be themselves and be accepted as they are. One in which they can be real about where they are, and discover where they want to go next.
As a coach, our job is now guiding conversations that create that safety, clarity, and helping the group co-create the transformation for themselves.
If you’d like to know HOW to do this powerfully, we will be opening up the next cohort of our 7-week training soon.  Just opt-in below, and we’ll let you know when it opens up.
Sending you Virtual Hugs,
Rob and Daniel

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