Help your group members solve perfectionism

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Every one of us has experienced perfectionism (except those of us who are perfect! ;-P) 

When you're bringing a group together for coaching, it's important to ensure that whatever they learn and gain as a result of being a group member isn't just theoretical.  You want to make sure that members take these things are DO something about it. Something new.  Something different. 

If your group members don't benefit from that, then you can skip this email.  But if you don't think this is important, think again!  Learning without associated action is blunted, and we could argue that nobody can know if they really learned anything at all without action.  Action is also the spark that builds momentum of what you've learned. 

But when members of your Group go to take action, they can get overwhelmed.  We know that because they're getting coaching from you!  They are with you because they need transformation.  They need to BECOME something new, and as a result, DO something new. 

One thing that overwhelms people is trying to "get it right" or "do it all" or any of the other million forms of perfectionism.


The best answer to that is to get them to take IMPERFECT action.  Then celebrate that imperfect action! 

One simple way to do that is to simply hot-seat coach someone and help them identify that first step to take.  Others in the Group could be inspired and realize that it just takes a step.  Better yet, to make this concept a recurring cultural theme in your Group... that all members take imperfect action and celebrate that imperfect action. 

In our currently running SureFire Group Coaching System LIVE experience, we used our Ultimate GONNA*DO'S framework to help people figure out their next action, which we call their ONE-LIST

By combining some intentionally designed group activities with the Pareto Principle (80-20), we ensure that their action is the right one and that they will actually attempt it. 

 The result is that members are continually taking IMPERFECT action.  As leaders, we reinforce this aspect of our culture as the thing that we all do.  We also role model it. 

For example, this email probably could have been a lot more perfect. Still, we're sending it regardless... so we can create value now without waiting on nor worrying about who might judge our spellling (which is completely irrelevant!) 

Everyone in our Group KNOWS they are part of a group where action is taking place and that IMPERFECT action is the way to make it happen.  And that's a powerful force to both inspire and create cause for celebration, which in turn helps ALL members progress faster. 

This last week, every single member accomplished the thing they set out to do... but more important than completion was ACTION.  We celebrated them taking imperfect action... for just the ATTEMPT, regardless of the outcome. 

This also creates a reflection opportunity for learning and improving (regardless of whether it gone completed or not).  When we ask members about their actions, we've already got permission through the way we designed the activity, and we also like to ask them the REASON it did or didn't get completed. 

That simple question supercharges the concept of imperfect action in the future and acts as a quick troubleshooter. 

And you never know when just ONE simple, imperfect action creates the breakthrough for any member of the Group. 

What's the next imperfect action you will take towards building your own Group?  Please reply and let us know! 

Sending you Virtual Hugs,  

Rob & Daniel  

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P.S.  Our foundational program (The Surefire Group Coaching System) is a 6-Week LIVE training & coaching experience, but it's currently closed while we run it.  We expect to reopen in late October... so stay subscribed so you can find out the next time it opens again!  Reply with the word WAITLIST if you'd like to be waitlisted to join.


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