Surefire ways to start a Group Coaching session

 Getting people engaged in under 5 minutes!

The image you see is an image of 20+ people actively participating in our session within just 5 minutes.  How did we do that some people asked?  So here’s a little bit more about how you can create engagement early on in Group Coaching session. 

Imagine you’re leading a group coaching session… How do you get their interest immediately and keep it throughout the session?  

It may not be obvious, but the best way is to get them to engage WITH you before you start talking AT them.

If you want to get people to pay attention, give them the responsibility for participating, and get them EXCITED about that, instead of it being a burden or just telling them they should. (Hey, that’s also true in one-to-one coaching, you might notice!)

In a group coaching session, you want to do this right away, which makes the opening few minutes crucial towards getting the group engaged.

But what do you need to include?  Most coaches miss at least one of the 3 critical elements to any group coaching session.  These are all part of what we teach in our “GPS” session opening framework.

1.  G = Grounding.  Participants usually need to be grounded right away.  This is how you make sure they are fully engaged and are ready to be present.  They need to release whatever is on their mind, or whatever might distract them or prevent them from fully participating.  Here you can see us using the 2-Hand Breathing method.

2.  P = Positive Frame.   Like most good coaching, make sure that participants really get into the positive mindset or frame of reference for why they are there.  There are some great ways to do that, and some things to avoid of course.  As the leader, you’re responsible to create that positive frame through your prompts or questions.

3.  S = Sharing.  You really want to get people participating as soon as you can, and that means Sharing something with the group!  The best group coaches get voices engaged quickly on the call.

Our GPS Session Opening framework tools combine all three of these elements together to accomplish the powerful outcome of ensuring that every participant in your group really becomes present and engaged, and is worth the investment toward a transformational experience for them.

If you don’t yet know how to do all three together seamlessly, for now, remember that there are many different ways to do it, and you’ll want to find ways that mesh really well with your own coaching style.  Of course, you’ll learn a lot by joining us when we demonstrate it, where we can also show you how to execute it even more powerfully towards your own mastery.

When you start a session well and follow the GPS protocol, you set yourself and your members up for success throughout the session and raise engagement levels and customer satisfaction.


Sending you Virtual Hugs,

Rob & Daniel

P.S.  If you want to go deeper with us, there are only a few days left to join the Surefire Group Coaching System 6-Week LIVE Training & Coaching Experience.




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