“These six weeks saved my life” - How to get testimonials INSIDE your group sessions

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Last time we ran a multi-week program (our SureFire Group Coaching System), we asked members about how the program has affected them while teaching our members how to do that effectively.

Don’t be afraid to ask members to share about their experience DURING your sessions, because if you design that activity just right here’s what happens:

1. Members realize how much they’ve learned and express that out loud, which helps them remember and apply it

2. Members learn from what other members share

3. Members hear social proof so they are encouraged to keep working on it and not give up

4. You gather golden nuggets and testimonials from your clients to use in your marketing

5. YOUR confidence is fueled and it fills YOU up, which in turn makes you a better more confident leader, who is secure in your offers, making it easier to sell authentically, and therefore transform more lives

What do great testimonials feel like?   They feel like THIS (real words from our members)...

Person 1: Literally, I feel like these six weeks saved my life.  I could not see sustaining this beyond a couple of years, even... 10 or 12 years of work to get here… I could [only see] two years out… 

So I literally feel like this saved my life, my livelihood, my future. I don't have to start again in something else.

And I don't need any more information. I don't need any more coach training.  I have so much coach training, I could write a book on coach training!

I needed to know HOW to bring this into the ‘experience society’ that we've navigated and migrated into.  And I didn't have the bandwidth to go and figure it out.

So to drop in and be so resourced in a way, that feels so doable, you took my hope and you made it doable. You made it actionable and you saved me.

Person 2: I have a background in counseling, and I've learned facilitation.  I have run groups [but] I have not run coaching groups and…  at the beginning of being a group coach and new to coaching I now feel I am absolutely prepared to do this, run this, make it… MOST effective for my clients and transformational for my clients, which to me, is most important... and also profitable and doable, so as a beginner in the coaching world… I echo what [other members have said] … how transformational my business can now be, and my programs can be, and saved ME so much time, so much energy and, just increased my capacity at the same time. So thank you!


Honestly, hearing this, we ourselves had tears in our eyes, and so we are even more PUMPED for YOU to join us, so you can have big wins like they did.

Sending you Virtual Hugs,

Rob & Daniel

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