We're back! But where did we go?

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When your customers receive a million emails a day, they don't notice (and probably won't miss it) if you suddenly stop. 

But if customers ARE appreciating your content, then they're truly missing out when you stop!  As a result, sadly, you may be less top-of-mind when they seek out help.

We were just getting momentum, getting in the groove consistently sending out what customers said was valuable content about Group Coaching. 

Then our email broke, and then we broke it further trying to fix it, so we stopped emailing. (Insert fancy words like DNS settings and Domain MX Records here) 

But then, even after we fixed it, we didn't continue emailing you.  Our habit of writing and sharing value suddenly stopped, and we lost our momentum.

After time passes, we wondered if it would look weird just to start again and pretend like nothing happened. So we decided to own it and acknowledge that we messed up!  And if you recently sent us an email we didn't respond to, please know we likely didn't receive it (our apologies!)

How does this apply to Group Coaching?  Well, don't let up the gas on your customers' momentum... put in the effort to stay in touch and to plan transformative sessions every single time.

Because if you're like us, things are going to happen to knock you off balance.  Your customers will lose momentum and get discouraged too.  But they have YOU coaching them in your groups, so they'll have another powerful chance to rebuild that momentum faster.  Reply and let us know who your customers are and why they need you!

You never know who in your group will have a critical recharging moment, or even a life-changing moment, because of YOUR group session.

Your customers are relying on you!  Remember this to help you stay in touch, and to level up your group experiences into GATEs, i.e. Group Authentic Transformational Experiences.

So, what sparked OUR courage to start writing again?  One was a customer testimonial from Kimberly, a current member of our 6-week foundational program.  Here's what she emailed us (AFTER we fixed our email!):

 "Because of your program. Literally because of it - The fear of creating, delivering and real-time iterating a group coaching program that could serve the individual growth & development goals AND let my leaders experience that they are not alone - they simply aren’t equipped -  Has fallen away.  I was left with doable and possible.  I have my first 6-week group program for leaders conceptualized and buildable.  I’m excited and motivated to market this for the new year. In addition it’s timeless and repeatable. Thank You" 

It honestly brought tears to our eyes and helped us remember that we're doing something important, so we can't let up the gas.  Not because we're getting customers, but because we're making a difference!

So remember... YOU are making a difference to your potential customers with your coaching programs.  Keep reaching out, and keep making your difference, and don't let technology or any other obstacles hurt your momentum. 

Sending you Virtual Hugs, 

Rob & Daniel 

P.S.  Reply and let us know who your customers are and why they need you!

P.P.S.  If you know coaches want to create authentic and transformational group experiences for their members with world-class Group Coaching and design skills, they'll love you for forwarding this email to them!  If you've been forwarded this email, opt-in for more information HERE

P.P.P.S.  Our foundational program (The Surefire Group Coaching System) is a 6-Week LIVE training & coaching experience, but it's currently closed while we run it.  We expect to reopen in late October... so stay subscribed so you can find out the next time it opens again!



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