What do you REALLY need to know about Group Coaching?

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Rob and Daniel here... and we're thinking about YOU!

Every time we get questions about Group Coaching (and there's a lot), we see such a wide range of reasons why people either don't start, or don't continue…

Or worse, they stop right before they figure it out...

No matter where you are today, you CAN get to a higher level of mastery, and you CAN get there faster.  When it comes to Group Coaching, you can be IN THE GAME, or you can be IN THE WAITING GAME

And we see too many people stuck in the WAITING game, or worse, the QUITTING game.  And that means they can't get the benefit of Leverage for their income and impact.

Ultimately, its comes down to your CONFIDENCE.  That's where we can help.

So we have a question for you…

If you’re currently leading Group Coaching sessions,

OR you’re thinking that you SHOULD be leading Group Coaching…

What is your single biggest challenge?

Take two minutes to let us know by replying!  Please be as specific and detailed as possible, so we can help people like you with the same challenge.

Because just by sharing this, you'll gain clarity.  And with that clarity, you're one step closer to confidence.

Sending you Virtual Hugs,

Rob & Daniel

P.S.  If you already know you want to go deeper, consider joining us for The Surefire Group Coaching System 6-Week LIVE Training & Coaching Experience coming soon, with experiential coaching and training.  You transform as a participant, you learn as a coach, you're supported in a community, and you get all the templates, session plans and resources on our best tools.  Just 9 days left to register.


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