What if Group Coaching Could be your Premium Product?

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Most coaches think group coaching is great because they can offer it at significantly lower prices to attract more clients while maintaining their hourly rate.  

That’s undoubtedly true, but do you have to be like most coaches? 

What if group coaching could be your PREMIUM product? 

Before calling that “crazy talk,” consider the benefits of group coaching versus the one-to-one model. 

  • More than ever, clients are looking for a community of people on the same journey as they are. 
  • Being in a group allows everyone to support each other with the ideas that are working best right now.  As a solo coach, you can’t generate as many ideas as a group of like-minded people. 
  • Being in a group RAISES accountability.  When clients commit to many people simultaneously, they feel even more sense of responsibility to follow through. 
  • Often in a group, clients form natural friendships and support systems.  We create a solid sense of safety among the members, so they share where they need help.  And other members naturally step up and offer help to each other. 
  • Consistently, we find that clients come initially for our coaching…………….but they STAY for the community! 

Let’s use a real example: 

Last year, we were coaching a group of top-performing real estate agents.  March 2020, they were all understandably in a panic over the future of the industry and how they could do their jobs when they couldn’t meet in person.  By asking the right questions, we found that each agent had figured out at least one thing that was working well despite the limitations.  By the end of the session, we had an extensive list of ideas that ALL the agents could use.   

Panic turned to optimism. 

Consistently, we find that group coaching, done right, is far MORE powerful than one-to-one. 

And if you get better results, faster, you can charge more, right? 

So before you offer group coaching as a low-cost alternative, consider if you could make it your premium offer instead! 


Rob & Daniel   

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