Your Group Coaching sessions need Bookends!

Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

The content of your Group Coaching session is important!

But what a lot of people miss is how important the beginning and the ending of your sessions are.  We call these the Bookends.

The beginning sets the tone and the anticipation for the entire session, and should be used to create as much engagement as possible.  You can do this authentically using out GPS Session Opening framework, which we shared recently.

The ending locks in the transformation and progress, helps participants remember and FEEL their experience, and should be used to reinforce the value. Here, you can use our ALIVE! Ending framework.

We have some great standard plays to know in those Bookends, and we'll share more about this later on, but for now, the shortcut is to just remember to bring more INTENTION into how you open and close your sessions, and everyone including YOU will benefit. 

For those of you who joined our recent Live Workshop, we did a great job of the opening, but we were running out of time at the end, so we just picked just 2 elements of our ALIVE! Ending, and then combined it with a ChatStorm to speed it up.  We were able to close the session relatively gracefully in just 2-3 minutes as a result.

So your bookends need to be flexible too depending on what's happening in the session, or how you need to adapt.

The best way to go deeper and get great at this is to join us and see all the different ways we create bookends in our sessions, and how we modify them in real time.

Sending you Virtual Hugs

Rob & Daniel

P.S.  If you already know you want to go deeper, consider joining us for The Surefire Group Coaching System 6-Week LIVE Training & Coaching Experience coming soon, with experiential coaching and training.  You transform as a participant, you learn as a coach, you're supported in a community, and you get all the templates, session plans and resources on our best tools.  Just 9 days left to register.


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