The SureFire Group Coaching System™ Guarantee:

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The SureFire Group Coaching System™ Guarantee:


It's simple:

  • We KNOW that our program works, and that you will significantly elevate your group coaching abilities with it.
  • Our philosophy is we're always looking for ways to improve, and we are obsessive about incorporating feedback into the program.
  • We humbly admit that we can't possibly think of everything that might get in the way for every possible situation and every person out there.
  • If you have any reason why something isn't working for you, we need to hear about it, so we can address, improve or fix it.  If we can't, then we offer a refund for such cases.


So here's how it works:

  • Ask for support if you get stuck along the way
  • If you don't feel the program is significantly elevating your Group Coaching abilities, then book a call with us within 30 days, and explain clearly what you would need that we missed
  • If we can't sufficiently address it within the following 30 days, then we'll gladly refund your entire program


To claim your refund, you will need to: 

  • Learn The Tools: Watch and complete Core Training videos. 
  • Implement It: Do the work and implement in multiple group sessions within 60 days
  • Ask For Help: Either attend at least 2 live support sessions, or pre-submit your support questions if you are unable to attend.
  • Get Feedback: Provide examples of how you implementing (e.g. recordings), and ask for support if something didn't work.
  • Stay Committed: You must continue to pursue group coaching in general

Circumstances beyond the scope of the program are obviously not covered.

We will not pressure you to join, and we only want you to join knowing that we can help you.  We pour into you once you join the program, and our group members support each other too.

We REALLY want you to succeed with Group Coaching!  We want YOUR members to love your group.  And we've got your back!  Join us today :-)

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